New White Paper from Influencer50: Are Your Customers Influenced Online, Offline or Both?

Our new white paper, ‘Are Your Customers Influenced Online, Offline or Both?’ is now available! To download it, go to White Papers on our LibraryPass page, select any of the listed papers, enter your info, then return to White Papers and download as many as you like.

Here’s an excerpt:

“In two previous White Papers we’ve argued that the marketing focus on online-only approaches to influence is flawed for two main reasons. Firstly, online influence models are incomplete views of the routes that influence can take, because they necessarily ignore offline mechanisms such as face-to-face contact. Secondly, an online approach is inappropriate for communicating influence in decisions where the risk and/or value of the decision demands any level of trust and certainty. Surely few would take a multimillion dollar decision based on what they’ve read on blogs and Twitter.

“But is there a cut-off limit, on one side where influence is predominantly offline and on the other where it is mainly online? Or is there some sliding scale of online/offline influence, dependent on various impacting factors? It’s an important question, affecting billions of dollars of marketing spend each year. Here we review our real-world data to try to answer it.”

Please feel free to comment below with any thoughts you might have after reading the paper.

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