Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

This is the first installment of what will be a weekly selection of the best quotes about influence & influencer marketing from the previous week. (Click picture for author bio/homepage.)

“There’s a massive difference between influencers and celebrities. … Celebrities can give you a spike of awareness (journalists the same). But they’re not interested once it’s no longer new. Influencers keep the conversation going over years. Trust is built over a long period of time. Influencers are not part of a campaign, they should be a long-term relationship.” – Joanne Jacobs, Trust and Social Influence

“In the development of new ROI strategies, the result is … truly a measurement of influence. No, it’s not a score. It’s a metric of cause and effect. As such, you become an architect of influence as you define the change or actions you wish to see. In the strategies that you develop over time as by definition, you introduce initiatives that cause effect or change behavior and you can measure it. While you still calculate return on investment, you are also measuring the realization of influence. And, it’s far more accurate than a traditional influence score.” – Brian Solis, When ROI Represents the Realization of Influence

“In my opinion, complexity and network science will continue to unearth insights of important commercial and societal value, but I’m considerably less enamoured about seeming to translate today’s analytical capabilities into some kind of a score of an individual’s influence. … Today, these scores are apportioned in such naive fashion that your so-called influence changes following a fortnight offline. Being a Facebook “early-unadopter” myself seriously impairs any score I might be attributed. That’s not a complaint, just an observation with which the scoring companies concur.” – Philip Sheldrake, The complexity of influence is a challenge – and an opportunity 

“NEVER blindly pitch your product or service without doing some critical research. Or be aware that you will get blasted with an “Idiots Who Pitch Me” meme.” – Amanda Maksymiw, Influencer Marketing Basics: The Pitch

“People think of influence as a one step move – find influencers. Done. It’s a multi-move game. Turning around a negative influencer can be very powerful.” – Benjamin Ellis, Trust and Social Influence 

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