Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“Rather than engaging with advertisements from [technology] companies, consumers turn to expert bloggers and other influencers to get the information by which they formulate their opinions. Knowing who brand influencers are and how to leverage them is critical to changing brand perception and gaining market share. Ultimately, independent editorial content and what influencers are saying about a specific brand is driving considered purchases and decision making over ad messages.” – Pirouz Nilforoush, Four Reasons Advertising As We Know it No Longer Works

“Your sales team can directly influence only who your sales team knows directly. If an unknown Influencer X exists on the buyer’s side, you’ll obviously be in a much stronger position if that person enters into the buying process with an existing favorable impression of you as a solution vendor.” – David Kamm, Who Didn’t You Know, and When Didn’t You Know Them?

“[I]f you mistakenly believe that most or all influence takes place online by people with large numbers of followers on Twitter and friends on Facebook, you are missing out on the fact that even among people with disproportionately more influence, … the overwhelming majority of their conversations about products, services and brands takes place offline. Yes, they do engage in more conversations online than others, but that’s because they talk more on an overall basis, both offline and online. It’s not a zero sum game.” – Ed Keller, Clout in the Real World

“Of course, all companies should be focused on sales but other marketing initiatives (outbound prospecting, partnerships, direct marketing, etc) can help to grow that number while influencer marketing can be used to build brand awareness to incite other activities (IPO, M&A, etc) over time.” – Amanda Maksymiw, How Does Your Influencer Marketing Strategy Stack Up? (Comments)


“In these high-value complex sales environments, today’s direct B2B sales people need to be problem solvers that can help to make sense of all the information that is available to the prospect, capable of bringing a fresh perspective and new insights to the buying process. Transactionally oriented sales people will be increasingly irrelevant and ineffective in these situations.” – Bob Apollo, Are we really looking at a 75% reduction in sales heads by 2020?

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