Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“The problem is, decision-making is really complex, and it’s difficult to pick out when and where influence happens. One thing’s for sure – it happens multiple times over multiple occasions. So you have to find all of the people that influence over the decision lifecycle. That’s one of the things that makes B2B influence different from B2C – the decision lifecycle is usually much longer in B2B.”

“In terms of influencer marketing, social media is a double-edged sword. It’s certainly raised the awareness of influencer marketing as a concept, but then that awareness is skewed around social media. Lots of people point out the deficiencies of social media-based influencer marketing, but then throw the whole concept out, rather than fully understand how social media plays a part of a holistic view of influence.” – Duncan Brown, Q&A with the Review: Influencer50’s Duncan Brown

“With social media, measuring success through figures or hard data often creates false benchmarks that do not speak to whether a brand’s message is actually resonating with its audience. All too often, companies approach social media with the approach, “If we build it, they will come.” Simply existing doesn’t translate to success in the financial world, so why should the same hold true in social media? A presence without the appropriate strategy behind it only adds to the cacophony of brands clamoring to have their message heard. Building a presence means establishing credibility. To do so requires a focus on engaging the most important members of your audience – the influencers.” – JCPR, Measure Influence, Not Audience, To Shape Social Media Strategies

“How big a challenge is measuring social influence online? The answer lies in why we’re asking the question. Do we want to know whom influences whom in what ways to get people to buy a certain car, or vote for a certain political candidate? If that’s the case we’re in for a wild ride because the psychology of individual choice is wide, deep and rich. We can understand social influence in its correlations—when certain influencers say something we can see a correlated set of responses occurring.

“But correlation isn’t the same as causality. Proving causality means you can specifically attribute when certain influencers say something it causes the following responses. This is not measurement, its attribution. And attribution is the real proof of social influence.” – Rohn Jay Miller, Dachis Group: The Challenge of Measuring Social Influence With Big (Big) Data

“[R]egardless of the size of your clientele, research shows from multiple sources that about 15% of your clients impact and influence the rest of your clients.” – Sandy Carter, Sandy Carter of IBM: Identifying Online Industry Influencers (read full post for context)

“It’s not as simple as finding people with high Klout scores and then attempting to recruit them into your launch/messaging/social medial plan. As with all matters involving sound G2M strategy, planning and execution, your influencer identification and recruiting must be part of a cohesive strategy…” – Mike Kozub, Identifying and Leveraging Influencers Aint Easy and there’s No Quick Fix

“I think few would disagree that influence as a score is imprecise. But it is in this assertion that the responsibility of translating numbers into insights falls on those who expect to glean value from these services. Everything starts with the realization that none of the vendors out there actually measure influence. Instead, they measure a slice social capital, which is defined here as the online networks of relationships among people in a particular society …”

“Th[r]ough very public experimentation … brands are learning in real-time that scores do not matter as much as the context of relationships. Consumers are learning that gaming scores or being part of branded marketing activity without purpose may actually affect their status within their online communities.” – Brian Solis, The Pillars of Influence and How to Activate Cause and Effect

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