Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“”Influence” doesn’t necessarily mean what you think it does. In the age of the social-media celebrity, a glut of Twitter followers or particularly pugnacious sampling of pithy updates are often the hallmarks of an influencer. But new research suggests that influence is situational at best: as people compete for the attention of the broader online ecosystem, the relevance of your message to the existing conversation of those around you trumps any innate “power” a person may have.”

“The research suggests that it doesn’t fully matter who you are or how many connections you have, but what you’re saying relative to the existing conversation is what really matters in spreading knowledge online.” – Jared Keller, What Fuels the Most Influential Tweets?

“As you look at the data out of any number of available systems or tools, there may be people who have far more followers, relative to their peers, but are they authentic, committed and persistent with the messages they send? This distinction is why deeper analysis is so important. Does the person’s message get pushed out even further, every time this influencer projects something of meaning into his or her social graph? Passion, resonance and velocity are key components to active influence. And, that’s what marketers want.”

“That brands and consumers have both tended to focus on “scores” creates confusion and distracts us from real patterns of active, usable influence. Focusing on popularity alone yields nothing and will lead to unnecessary levels of reiteration. In short, it is trivial, and it wastes our time and resources.” – Bonnie Kintzer, Forget Popularity – Influence Is the Key

“With IT spending down 5% year over year and tech spending up 18 to 20%, disruptive [analyst] firms emerge to support a growing and influential buyer type – the business.” – R “Ray” Wang, Event Report: IIAR UK Forum -The Future Of The Industry Analyst, Legacy Vs Disruptive

“At the time of writing this account [@big_ben_clock] had more than 174,000 followers, most of whom do so ‘ironically’. That’s because the only messages it tweets involve using the word ‘BONG’ a number of times, thus mimicking the peals of the Big Ben London landmark.

“But rather more damagingly for the reputation of a company that is supposed to judge reputation, its current ‘highly influential’ Klout score of 69 is risible, seemingly only to apply to the high number of followers it has.

“Moreover, until recently @big_ben_clock was deemed by Klout to be influential on London, England and… drugs.

“Klout had confused the knelling of bells with the devices that stoners and potheads use to addle their growing brains. Not wacky baccy, but wacky social measurement.” – Monty Munford, The Limits of Social Influence? Big Ben Is Influential On… Drugs

“You regularly see people complaining that their Klout score fluctuates. But my contention, based on Watts’s research, is that if Klout made use of the Resonance pillar, it does not fluctuate nearly enough. One can only presume that systems like PeerIndex and Klout give less importance to the last pillar (and more to the other two) AND [have] probably also used some dampening algorithm: They have built a bit of a circumstances shock absorber to smooth over the rough edges of the fluctuations in influence.” – Wessel van Rensburg, Klout’s bunk – Everybody can be an influencer

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