Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“[A]n important concept is quickly spiraling out of control.”

“Influence does not equal popularity. When mass media was all we had, we relied upon impressions and Arbitron ratings as proxies of influence. Now there are ways to look behind mass metrics and better understand the conversations that lead to action. Influence scores are a throwback to the age of mass.” – Paul Gillin, Trivializing influence

“If we’re looking for signs of change in the industry, this news [of P&G’s cuts to its marketing budget] is as big as it gets. P&G’s direct impact on the ad industry (being the largest spender) and their tremendous influence on brands and agencies ought to be a waking sign to all communication professionals that the marketing industry is about to undergo a major shakedown. Those already involved in influence communication are on the frontline of this revolution. My advice? If you were walking, run, and don’t look back. The further along you are in this new promising space, the more likely you are to grow with the market.” – Pierre-Loïc Assayag, Waking the Sleeping Giant

“Nurture your relationship with your influencers. Consumers demand authenticity and you will only break down the barrier between your brand and the target market if you remain consistently engaged, accessible, valuable and transparent.

“Finally, recognise and acknowledge your influencers when you can. Influencers are more likely than other consumers to feel respected when asked their opinion. Involve them in your brand by granting them insider access and exclusive content, then get their feedback and work with it.” – Ryan McFadyen, Why Your ‘Influencers’ Matter More Than Ever

“A better measure of your social influence is to forget about it and focus on building real, genuine, and impactful social campaigns that engage and encourage your customer base to become your best advocates.” – Jabez LeBret, How to Win Social-Media Clout with Klout

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