Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“Rather that just going after the big fish, target those that have closer, more intimate and meaningful connections with their networks. Say goodbye to the idea that if you could just get that one famous person to say something positive about your software on Twitter, or Facebook or on a blog, then things are going to happen. They probably won’t.” – Lee Odden, The Fallacy of Influence

“[T]here is one factor you probably did not consider when looking at these metrics: how much weight does the algorithm place on each channel? This information is proprietary and has likely been altered over time, but one thing is clear. These weights do not adjust with subject matter and consequently these scores are an imprecise measurement of influence that should be taken with a grain of salt.” Brandon Hickie, Should You Reconsider How You Measure Online Influence?

“There’s a trend to give the name influencer marketing to anything that identifies a subset of people in the hope that they spread the word. But it is just that – a hope. True influencer marketing requires much more detailed research to prove the link between spreading the word and achieving measurable impact.” – Duncan Brown, Product Placement vs Influencer Marketing – There’s a Difference

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