Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

Thanks to the influencer marketing community for a great week of content! Here are some of the highlights. (Click author’s picture for Twitter page.)

“I think there is little point in reaching out to key influencers until you have done two things: the first is work out what the Social Graph of your community is i.e. what is their online profile, where do they go online, what social tools do they use, how do they communicate, how are they connected and what are their motivators? The second thing is to determine what I call the Value Exchange (you heard it here first remember!). It’s what you need to offer your audience to engage with them in a meaningful social dialogue – no more old fashioned messaging at them remember.” – Philip Beeching, Engage first, influence second

“[S]ocial influence measurement provides people with a starting point, a benchmark, from which to conduct deeper human analysis. But sadly that doesn’t often happen. Marketers and PR people will often take the easy road when the opportunity is presented, and a tool that allows you to create a list of influencers at the click of a button is appealing. Lazy, yes, less-than-accurate, of course. But that’s not to say it isn’t happening, by some of the biggest agencies out there.” – Vikki Chowney, How much Klout is too much?

“An influencer is not a puppet or mouthpiece to echo high praise for your company. Working with influencers only helps build credibility in a specific community, when he or she is transparent about the relationship with your company. Be honest about this and ask the influencer to do the same.” – Jurriaan de Reu, Six Steps to Effectively Work with Online Influencers

“When it comes to identifying influencers to include in an outreach effort, Huyse often deliberately includes influencers who may not have the highest scores.  By focusing on the “magic middle,” she can nurture relationships with people who are more serious, consistent and eager to engage.  Building a relationship with “rising stars” means that they’ll remember and appreciate your interest over time—even when they have become more influential.” – Tonia Ries, How to Manage Influencer Outreach Programs: The Power of the Magic Middle

“[I]f you are only basing your success on retweets, influence scores and popularity then you are standing on unstable ground. If you really want to become a social business, you must be open to a mindset change. Do you have the guts to sit thru an entire meeting with factual data of what is really happening in your social world. Any good agency or consultant worth their Twitter handle should have the guts and knowledge to provide you the real data, and help you set priorities and decisions for how to best embed social within the DNA of your business.” – Pam Moore, Social Media Buzz: The False Perception of Social Media Success

“Over time, I found my eyes drifting to tweets from folks with the lowest Klout scores. They talked about things nobody else was talking about. Sitcoms in Haiti. Quirky museum exhibits. Strange movie-theater lobby cards from the 1970s. The un-Kloutiest’s thoughts, jokes, and bubbles of honest emotion felt rawer, more authentic, and blissfully oblivious to the herd. Like unloved TV shows, these people had low Nielsen ratings—no brand would ever bother to advertise on their channels. And yet, these were the people I paid the most attention to. They were unique and genuine. That may not matter to marketers, and it may not win them much Klout. But it makes them a lot more interesting.” – Seth Stevenson, What Your Klout Score Really Means

“When shopping for a car, we do listen to and seek advice from our friends and family. We may also read Consumer Reports for expert opinions. What we do not do is hunt through our Facebook and Twitter streams for insights, especially if those insights are being funded by a brand.” – David Burn, Influencer Marketing And Social Media Are Additives, Not The Gas

“The problem with social scoring isn’t the score, it’s how it’s used. We tend to confuse audience with influence.” – Jay Baer, via Twitter

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