Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“Before social even existed, marketers and PR pros were building long-term relationships with influencers based on the exchange of different forms of value. There are a few types of value that influencers tend to be interested in besides free stuff. Offering exclusivity in the form of advance review of research, data, and quotes can work well. Access, too, is valuable—can you connect them with people they want to interview or talk to? What type of value you can offer really depends what your company does and your resources, but the best influencer programs I’ve seen are the ones that offer some kind of value that only that company can provide—and not free products.” – Ian Greenleigh, Five ways to change your “relationship status” with influencers

“Simply put, whether you are using Klout alone to identify influencers at the start of a campaign, or using a boosted Klout score as a KPI to measure success at the end of a campaign, you’re missing out on the tough work that all communications programs require – thinking long and hard about target audience and coming up with a bespoke strategy for identifying and cultivating those relationships online.” – Leslie Campisi, The rise and fall of influence metrics

“What you have to understand about Klout, and services like Klout, is Klout is limited to reaching residents on social networks online. It’s further only limited to a handful of them. It does not measure offline influence. It doesn’t measure your influence through email, through word-of-mouth marketing, through publishing, whether that be online or offline. It doesn’t factor in the influence that your company brings with it, behind your name, the name recognition of you or your company, and so on.” – Jason Falls, Social Pros 14 – Jason Falls, Social Media Explorer

“Forget your years of training on the sales floor. You need to turn this mechanism off. If you come off as a walking, talking advertisement, you can do more harm than good (remember, influence works both ways.) The best way to start a relationship with an influencer is to ask them questions about their craft.” – Stephen Murphy, Connecting With Influencers Online And Offline

“In my view though, the potential issue or flaw is that all [influence scoring companies] tend to rely very heavily on the extent to which content or blogs get comments or are shared on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and so rely very heavily on the assumption that sharing content equals quality and influence – as they cannot measure impact otherwise. It is hard to see what else can be measured, but I am not entirely convinced sharing is the be all and end all of influence.” – Gary Bembridge, What is online influence, and why is everyone so desperate to measure it?

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