Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“There are a lot of noisemakers out there, especially when it comes to social media. Focus and figure out who’s meaningful to your business. Who [do] your customers listen to? Have conversations with your sales team and others on the front line and then determine who matters and who doesn’t.” – Sheila Lahar, The Rise of “Influencer  Relations”: 3 Ways to Cut Out the Noise

“For marketers, influence is only valuable if it produces actions or changes behavior or opinions of others. This distinctive point is often missed. So as marketers, we want to focus on those individuals that do something to cause an action or behavior change in a significant number of people that favors the brand we represent.”

“A platform or tool should not determine how you go about influence marketing. You should determine who you want to reach, how you plan to engage and go about building a relationship, and then determine the platform(s) to help you get there.” – Steve Goldner, A Real Look at Social Media Influence

“There are several additional benefits that can be gained by interacting with the influencers in the market.  For one thing the influencers typically represent the cutting edge regarding the trends in the market. This means by closely watching the influencers you can gain valuable insights for your own value proposition and messaging.” – Sven Litke, Key benefits of influencer marketing – it’s not (only) about numbers

“They work more as a gauge of where a company is as a brand. Social media-influence campaigns are more about understanding your company, rather than generating sales.” – Tracy De Groose, Think tank: the importance of being honest (Quoted)

“Influencers, the way its defined by many on the social web, are overrated. Most have an ego (thank you Peter Kim) and they offer ZERO value to any business or brand.” – Michael Brito, Shifting the Conversation from Influence to Advocacy

“Klout is a really interesting concept that fails in some important ways. Being able to apply a single number to a person is useful in some situations, and being able to identify the topics that a person has some clout with their peers about is even more useful. But the Klout score is still a blunt instrument, and as such, dangerous in the wrong hands. Your mileage may vary, so while Klout is scoring you (which they are whether you participate or not) be sure to keep a tally on what that score is worth to you, and drive accordingly.” – Anthony Wing Kosner, Don’t Fall for this Sneaky Klout Trick Designed to Suck You In

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