Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“Only then, after knowing what you want and what they want, start looking at ways to engage them. Never start with the score and don’t confuse it with influence. Be relevant and valuable first and understand a person is more than a score. Obviously, technologies will improve but, still, human behavior is too amazingly beautiful and complex to capture it in a rank.” – J-P De Clerck, Social Influence and Scores: Asking the Right Questions

“Influence is relative to a lot of things – time, place, relation, topic, and more. It can be passive or active, like when I ask a friend who travels a lot about which airline to take. They’re influencing me because I asked them to. The dynamic changes when they tell me, unsolicited, about their favorite airline. That’s influence through advocacy. And it’s a different beast.” – Pat McCarthy, The WOMMA Word: Influence vs. Advocacy

“Just because an “influencer” has a lot of Twitter followers does not mean that he (or she) is the right target demographic and able to inspire consumer interest in a particular product or brand. The Klout platform, unfortunately, doesn’t take those additional targeting criteria into consideration.” – Tonia Ries, Running an Influencer Campaign With Klout Perks? Here’s How to Mess It Up.

“With the web, we should focus on established connections and not simply on influential people. These people may not be as visible as the celebrities, and they may not have the highest Klout rankings, but they have the right attributes to produce the positive results you need.” – Jure Klepic, Clout vs. Klout – Or the Real Meaning of Social Influence

“As for measuring digital influence, objectivity is a false idol. While particular metrics may characterise influencers, they are by no means indicative and their role in comparative analysis is questionable.” – Ryan Tracey, The nature of digital influence

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