Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“In the end, targeting a balance of influencers and advocates seems to be the right recipe. Both are incredibly useful in their own way, and so neither should be treated as a replacement strategy for the other.” – Chelsi Nakano, Influencer vs. Advocate (and Why We Need Both)

“The number of followers you have on Twitter or the number of friends you have on Facebook are not indicative of who has influence over the public in general or a particular group.” – Michael Brenner, The Top 10 Influencers in the Business of Sports

“Sue cautions marketers to avoid the numbers trap: people with large social following are not always the most influential. The key is to find the quality people – those that are trusted, even if they have smaller networks.” – Mike Lewis, Defining and Measuring Influence: Insights from Susan Frech of

“Many people confuse having influence with being popular, or being a celebrity, when it’s really more about being well-respected for having knowledge and trust. The influencers you need to pay attention to often don’t have significant social capital—they’re simply passionate about your cause and they want to talk about it. While celebrities like Oprah or Ashton can influence certain types of behaviors it’s much more important to look for those who genuinely want to get involved.” – Ellyn Fisher, Key Influencers – Maybe it’s not Ashton Kutcher anymore?

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