Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“Often painted as either a mysterious dark art or as a revolutionary new concept (or both together), in reality marketing to influencers has always been around. In fact, the object of marketing is to reach those who influence purchasing decisions and to, well, influence them.” – Andrew Munro, Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing

“It’s necessary to really dive into posts and look at not only what is being shared — but how and who are the individuals sharing. Once you understand their true digital ecosystem and watch them interact online, you can identify the real influencers. Trust me, I too am bummed it isn’t as easy as a free online tool. ” – Elizabeth Hill, Step Away From the Influence Score

“Sometimes marketers also confuse influencer marketing with manipulation, bribing or worse. Influence is something you deserve by being relevant for others. If not, it’s power or manipulation. The support of an influencer needs to be deserved by marketers as well. Indeed, by being relevant.” – J-P De Clerck, The Rise of Digital Influence: From Persuasion and Passion to Action

“We should also rethink the giveaway model. Sure, incentives are nice, but they are fleeting and short-lived. What happens when you stop giving away freebies? Does all the conversation about you suddenly stop?

“Instead, we should approach influencer engagement the same way we approach all social interactions: By showing authentic interest in the individual, and making a concerted effort to connect with them on their level. This will win over the most passionate of influencers, which is, ultimately, what we’re after.” – Zach Cole, Rethinking Social Influencer Programs

“Trying to convince online influencers to tweet, blog, instagram, or pin nice things about your company is the post-modern version of celebrity endorsement, but with less impact.” – Jay Baer, Why Online Influencer Outreach is Overrated and How to Fix It

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