Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“Understanding what influencer’s want, whether that be affiliation with a known brand, the opportunity for traffic and exposure, or great content – and aligning it with the interests of a brand: affiliation with a credible third party, access to an influencer’s audience and great content, allows for brand-Influencer Co-Creation. It is a necessary and positive evolution of the old practice of Influencer outreach.” – Patrick Thoburn (@patrickthoburn), Influencer “Outreach” is Dead

“There’s influence in everything an organization does, and sometimes in what it doesn’t do, and yet despite this we often apportion responsibility for influence to marketing and PR departments. The 2012 organization looks incredibly similar to the 1992 organization, which is crazy when you consider the impact of social media and related information technologies.”

“Perhaps these companies attempt a measure at online popularity, or perhaps online authority, or more exactly the likelihood to have one’s online output shared/forwarded, but not one’s influence. Nor indeed one’s trustworthiness.” – Philip Sheldrake (@Sheldrake), Q&A with the Review: Philip Sheldrake, Author of “The Business of Influence”

“The danger with many approaches to influence in social media is that these two very different types of people are confused. People look for fans and hope to turn them into advocates. This may happen but is not necessarily a linear progression. Some fans are advocates, some may become advocates, but others will just always be fans. Perhaps your best customer but just wanting to keep that more private than others.” – Matt Rhodes (@mattrhodes), Fans and Advocates: Two Concepts Often Confused In Social Media

“No matter how technology changes the way we interact with one another, some things will always stay the same.  Keep true to the relationship building lessons you learned long before social media came along and adapt them to the way you do things now, and you’ll find yourself with a wide network of influencers who are eager to work with you!” – Rachel Sherman (@mymediainfo), Building Relationships with Influencers through Social Media

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