Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“Sure someone could have a few thousand followers and blog subscribers, but what does that really mean? What is the makeup of the audience?  What do they care about?… To beat this misconception, do your research to ensure your pitches target the right influencers with the right audience.” – Amanda Maksymiw (@amandamaks), Top 5 Influencer Marketing Misconceptions

“Social media is still in its infancy. Follower counts and retweets are a cheap, attractive way to identify Twitter and Facebook celebrities. While we still don’t know how exactly to measure influence, we have the scientific tools to start learning. In the meantime, be skeptical of anyone who tells you they know the answer.” – Gregory Ferenstein (@ferenstein), Dear Klout, This Is How You Measure Influence

“In larger organizations, more people may be involved in the decision and even more people can stop a decision. We need to make sure we’ve determined who is involved in each decision, the nature of their involvement, what the personal win for them is, their attitudes toward us and the alternatives, and how they exercise power and influence. We also need to understand who influences them.” – David Brock (@davidabrock), Finding The Decision Maker

“As social ani­mals, humans have been try­ing to influ­ence each other since long before 108 suit­ors gath­ered to woo Pene­lope in Odysseus’ absence. With today’s options of instant explor­ing and ever-expanding social net­works, our oppor­tu­ni­ties to sway one another have exploded. Deter­min­ing who has influ­ence and influ­enc­ing those influ­encers is every mar­keters dream.” – Todd Chandler (@trchandler), Measuring Online Influence

“Adding in another factor — how users influence people offline — seems like a bold step for a company that hasn’t figured out how users influence people online. Not that the concept of measuring social media influence is a bad thing; if done right, it would be extremely useful.” – Keith Wagstaff (@Kwagstaff), Klout: A Good Idea Gone Wrong?

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