Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“Before Facebook and Twitter, PR flacks often pointed to ad values based on column inches or circulation numbers of potential readers or viewers. The shift to online content provides more exact determination of how many people were exposed to content such as page views, but that still isn’t what matters.

“Communication has always been and continues to ultimately be about action. Whether it convinces someone to purchase a product, influences them in a voting booth, or changes their behavior, communication is about the number of people it causes to act.” – Todd Post (@InsidersGroup), Fans, Followers and Klout Don’t Matter

“When advertisers pay, with a media buy or free product, for an endorsement the audience may discount the credibility of the endorser. Early on, companies tried giving away product to bloggers with the implied graft of good-review-means-more-free-product, which caused the FTC to regulate the practice and which made people realize that a mommy blogger shilling detergent is the same sellout that Lou Reed became trading on his indie cred to hawk scooters.” – Matt Rosenberg (@CanonFodder), Wielding Influence: 5 Problems and 6 Solutions

“[I]f the individuals that Klout is selling access to are playing the game, tweeting whenever and whatever it takes to increase their score, limiting their conversations to only those that are more influential than them…are they really influencing anyone? Can you count on those people to be honestly and genuinely influential if they’re “Under the Influence” of the Klout game?” – Sam Fiorella (@samfiorella), Can You Be Influential While Under The Influence?

“It’s probably a generational thing, but I have a profound objection to the notion of my friends becoming shills for products. Certainly, I’m interested in their opinions and experiences with products and services and just plain stuff. But when I want those opinions, I’ll ask for them. (And I really don’t care what underwear my friends prefer.) More important, as soon as these opinions are co-opted by advertisers, they will be significantly diminished in my eyes.” – Emily R. Coleman (@e_r_coleman) via Competitive Advantage Marketing, The Future of Social Media Marketing?

“Are there brand or marketing managers out there who are only focusing on services such as Klout to spell out their influencer graph? I doubt it. I think all you marketing gurus know that when it comes to building out your network of influencers, you have a well-rounded reach. Pull out your Rolodex of influencers and you likely have a healthy mix of media journalists, niche bloggers, celebrities, and the like. As of 2012, you may have added a few influencers that Klout sent your way. But you treat each of these differently. And most of your attention is aimed at where you will get the most visibility for your brand: established influencers with a large following.” – Ben Fowler (@benfowler), Rethink the Way You Engage Top Social Influencers

“I can’t help but wonder what kind of first date two people with high Klout scores will have…lots of check ins, liking, tweeting and live blogging of each other’s’ jokes and opinions no doubt.

“But then if an algorithm can decide that I’m cute, smart, sophisticated, witty and savvy…then hell, who am I to argue :) ” – Mervyn Dinnen (@MervynDinnen), Hello, I Love You, Won’t You Tell Me Your Klout Score

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