Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“The future is not about marketing to influencers – it’s about marketing with them. (This flaw in the term itself has surely resulted in the immediate deletion of countless pitches). Treating influencers as an extension of your company – rather than a distribution channel – will result in a more impactful experience for influencers and consumers alike.” – Emily Garvey (@CiaoEmily), 3 Ways Brands Can Evolve Their Thinking for the Next Generation of Influencer Marketing

“Keep your ear to the ground. Influencers can help increase sales and awareness within your target markets, and they can also help field test products, ideas and initiatives. In short, influencers can become your best advocate, but make sure you’re listening to what they say through their bullhorn so you can keep tabs on their point of view. Invite and respect an influencer’s opinion, even if it’s not always completely on board with your brand’s.” – Paige O’Neill (@paige_oneill), Influencer Marketing Helps Spread the Word

“The consideration should be how to best approach or “influence” the influencers.  Don’t just rush to contact, as some influencers may be open to it, but in some cases it can backfire.  It is important to know who they are and what they are saying about you and your competition, even if contact is not advised.” – Scott Marticke (@scottmarticke), Influencing the Influencers

“It’s time that marketing professionals across the organization use personas to inform their efforts. This is most glaringly lacking in the context we refer to as influencer relations – the formal approach to identifying, engaging with, enabling, and building advocacy among the full range of modern industry influencers. In a world in which we have little external control over the brand narrative, communications professionals must influence, not wrangle, the way the narrative spreads through social and other digital channels.” – Erin Estep (@eeestep), Influencers Are People, Too

“Marketers need to develop a robust conceptualization of influence within the context of social media so they don’t have to rely solely on the definitions provided by Klout, Kred and other tools. Only then can we really begin to develop possible alternative ways to formulate these components into a valid influence measurement tool.” – Jure Klepic (@jkcallas), Where Influence Measurement Tools are Stymied


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