Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“Influencers can spot someone simply wanting to push their own PR agenda a mile off. Ensure key players in your online market trust you by proving you can add value to the conversation. If you’re sharing content or making recommendations, don’t be partial. Only push your brand when it truly is relevant and does deserve to be talked about.” – Cara Whitehouse (via @ReloadDigital), How to Influence the Influencers

“Given that the overwhelming majority of word of mouth takes place offline, it’s important to look beyond these social media statistics to understand what’s happening in terms of the larger realm of real world conversations…. Women value word of mouth more than men, and as a result of they engage in more of it. And furthermore, women are more persuasive than men when it comes to their word of mouth recommendations. This has huge implications for how marketing strategies need to be set in today’s social age.” – Ed Keller (@kellerfay), The Gift of Gab: Women and Word of Mouth Advocacy

“I’ll grant that Klout is measuring something and that something has meaning, but let’s stop referring to it generically as “influence.” Puh-lease.” – Jay Palter (@jaypalter), 12 Most Frustrating Things About Klout


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