Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“Uncovering the top influencers in one’s field requires old-fashioned research. Read the trades, go to industry events and, of course, check out Twitter, Facebook, etc. Then, gradually develop a relationship with the influencers by asking questions and citing their content.” – Alexandra Levit (@alevit), 14 strategies for finding and leveraging major online influencers (quoted)

“By understanding what they are currently writing and talking about, a company will know in what areas that person is interested, and whether it is relevant for the business. If a business can engage directly while providing value and insight there is, of course, a good chance that over time, the influencer may choose to review a product or mention a service etc., which can lead to some excellent publicity and exposure for the company concerned.” – Grant Leboff (@stickymktgclub), Why ‘Influencer Marketing’ is Important for Your Business

“Identifying the top influencers is important to any business because it allows them to reach out to those on social networks who can help make a difference in any campaign – whether it’s selling, promoting, or introducing a brand or product.  Remember that consumers and audiences believe and are more receptive to the words and opinions of individuals they trust so reaching out to and developing relationships with top influencers is a powerful option that should not be ignored.” – Eileen Bernardo (@eileenrene), The Importance of Influencer Identification – How brands of any size can benefit


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