Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“Influence is earned. Online can extend [influence] but doesn’t create influence typically.” – Vanessa DiMauro (@vdimauro), Webinar: What Does an Influencer Really Look Like? (Audio Recording)

“We believe pretty strongly that too many people measure social media outreach simply because it can be measured – the numbers can be tracked…. Real influence is something very different and far more difficult to measure than simply how active on Twitter and social media [you are]. And it’s really important that people don’t confuse the two. One is about the effect – influence is an effect. The other, social media influence measurement, is currently situated pretty firmly in terms of being an action. It’s not about the end effect.”

“[Y]our outreach is only influential if it initiates a relevant action by those who read it. You might think that re-broadcasting constitutes a relevant action, but your senior execs are senior execs for one reason – and that’s because they’ve made a career of delivering more tangible actions. Somewhere down the line you need to show that your social media outreach is bringing more revenue or awareness into your company … or at least moving the needle of opinion on a topic.” – Nick Hayes (of @Influencer50), Webinar: What Does an Influencer Really Look Like? (Audio Recording)

“In the end it’s all about how you manage word of mouth – offline and online – by connecting with your target market in a meaningful way. In order to do so, we suggest not getting caught up in definitions but rather look at the underlying principles and approaches.” – Chris Toombes (@Muchmor), Forget definitions; it’s all about how you manage word of mouth


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