Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“Real influencers do not sway our decisions because of how high they score on a digital scale. They do because they make their stories relevant to us. Real influencers know that their success lies in the way they deliver their promises.” – Cendrine Marrouat (@cendrinemedia), The online influence trap…

“We, the industry that makes a living on this, need to provide better and agreed upon semantics to differentiate the type and specific value for each of these Influencers as well as bringing clarity to what are the … elements (tools, skills, infrastructure, etc.) required to engage and achieve value through these influencers.” – Filiberto Selvas (@FilibertoSelvas), Influencers, schminfluencers.. we need better and agreed upon semantics

“It’s easy for us to get obsessed about influence. The agency I work for represents 12 out of the 20 biggest ad agencies in the world. And it’s staggering how many of them are after that single figure. Where the decisions are being made, they’ve forgotten about content and the big idea, and are obsessed about measurement.” – Jeremy Waite (@jeremywaite), Forget Likes – Be Liked: the business of influence (quoted)

“The important part is to provide [influencers with] the facts and ‘building blocks’ needed to create relevant content featuring your business, products and services, thus significantly increasing your market reach and brand awareness. By establishing the right relationships with the relevant influencers (like business analysts, editors and bloggers) you can get the world to know what your business is about.” – Sven Litke (@DarumaConcept), Content is key! – Leveraging influencer marketing to gain market mindshare.


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  1. Cendrine Marrouat says:

    Thank you so much for mentioning me! I am honored!