Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“Once you’ve developed your target list, you’ll need to invite your advocates to participate in the program. Make sure you deliver the invitation in a way that acknowledges their importance, and show that you value their participation. Be specific: how will you compensate them for their time and engagement? The best reward is one that doesn’t necessarily money or tangible perks — often, being seen as influential by their peers will be enough motivation. There’s a thin line between a reward and a bribe: whatever you do, make sure that the program and the perks are ones that you’re comfortable talking about publicly.” – Tonia Ries (@tonia_ries), The 5 Elements of Successful Influencer Marketing Programs

“In short, the more you can offer influencers the chance to be helpful and to have a platform for sharing their latest thoughts, the more yesses you will hear, and the more high-quality content you will be able to create with them.” – Niall Kennedy (@NiallKennedy), The 5-Step Guide to Working With Influencers to Grow Your Traffic

“It’s called “influencer outreach” because the people you are reaching out to are understood to have influence over their audience (their reach).  However, because so many people get caught up in the numbers, reach has unknowingly and falsely been considered more valuable than actual influence, their ability to get others to listen to them and follow their recommendations.” – Zoe Wilson (via @ConfluenceDigtl), Influencer Outreach – Influence, Relevancy, Reach


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  1. Thanks for including me in these round ups — the quotes you’re finding are fantastic & lead to really useful articles.