Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“Influence marketing is a valuable method of indirectly reaching target audiences directly. That’s not a typo: Influence marketing works by speaking to an individual, group of individuals or a type of individual that has sway in a niche or market, instead of trying to directly appeal to the whole.” – Chris Pilbeam (@chrispilbeam), Four Tips for a Successful Influence Marketing Strategy

“Unfortunately, small and large businesses often prioritize the goal of getting as many followers as possible. They believe that if a person has a lot of followers, they must be able to sway the crowd. Or at least be worthy of a gold star. The people who study what makes someone influential, however, understand that this is not a good proxy and that popularity does not equal influence.” – Scott Wilder (@skwilder), It ain’t about followers

“So far, I think we are still very much in the broadcast paradigm when we think about [social] influence. This is very much about how a message source broadcasts to the masses, while being relayed through “antennas”. A one-to-many paradigm.” – Jacques Warren (@jacqueswarren), Social Media Influencer – State of a Concept

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