Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“[B]eware silver-tongued influencers who lack practical experience in the field about which they write and speak. Never be afraid to ask tough questions and if the answers don’t seem right, then find another source of advice.” – Michael Krigsman (@mkrigsman), Beware the loud voices of charlatan thought leaders

“[W]e’re surprised that so many B2B marketers still aren’t making their social media efforts more prospect and influencer-centric. Instead, they continue to be quantity-driven in how they look at their social metrics (number of fans, followers, shares). And frankly we don’t get it. Who cares how big your social audience is if it’s not chock-full of prospects, customers, and influencers? We believe there’s a lot more work to be done here.” – Carter Hostelley (@carterhostelley), Why Forrester’s B2B Social Marketing Predictions Were Right and Wrong

“However, we also know that no actual influence occurs until the influencees produce a measurable action. Without the influencees, there is simply no influence. This is what is surprising and mind boggling to me. If real influence depends so much on the influencees, why are most vendors still so focused so much on the influencers?” – Michael Wu (@mich8elwu), The Missing Link of Influence: The Potential to Influence, and Be Influenced


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