Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

Patrick Thoburn“In the race toward Influencers with big audience numbers, we forget that there often is a disconnect between an Influencer’s ability to distribute content widely because of large number of followers, and her or his ability to drive results for a company. While audience size matters, it doesn’t matter as much as authority.” – Patrick Thoburn (@patrickthoburn), Under the Influencer: Does Audience Size Matter?

Sam Fiorella“[I]nfluence marketing (marketing campaigns oriented around individuals perceived to have influence over a larger community), are ineffectual on the consumers’ purchase decisions when they are not interwoven into a more complex influence campaign that takes into account other decision-making factors such as culture, purchase lifecycle, context of the relationships between “influencers” and their audience, etc.” – Sam Fiorella (@samfiorella), Where Culture Derails Social Influence Marketing

Chad Thiele“[I]f the brand is selling an inferior product, even the most influential person in the world might not be able to get consumers to purchase it.” – Chad Thiele (@chadjthiele), It Takes More Than Klout to Influence

Danny Brown“Additionally, consumers are much more savvy now and aware of how advertising works – do we really believe that Celebrity X drives Automobile Brand Y? No. Instead, we move back to where we’ve always been prior to the golden age of advertising and marketing – peer recommendations and trusted resources. In social media, these trusted resources are the new influencers, and brands are now looking to connect with them versus celebrity endorsements.” – Danny Brown (@DannyBrown), Social Influence and The Marketer’s Dilemma

Tressa Robbins“An influencer must be credible. That doesn’t necessarily equate to a lot of followers, a high job role, frequent posts, or even being famous in real life. Influence cannot be reflected by a single metric, and influence does not equal popularity.” – Tressa Robbins (@tressalynne), Influencer Marketing: Tips from PRSA St. Louis Tech Day 2012


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