Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

Ryan Joe“Brands that think aggregating influencers is as low effort as shipping a box of freebies to ten or so bloggers and waiting for the positive articles to roll in will be in for a bit of a shock.” – Ryan Joe (@threefirstnames), Influencing the influencers

OpenView Labs “The key to engaging with any new influencer or branching out with any new tactic or platform is to keep your audience first and foremost in mind. Is your new connection or campaign bringing real value to them? Or is it really just self-serving?” – OpenView Labs (@OpenView_Labs), 3 Steps to Converting More Leads with Influence Marketing

Ed Keller“Despite the growth of the online social networks and the huge attention they draw from the marketing as well as the financial communities, it remains critically important to define and understand influencers based on people’s real-life friends and connections, and the influence they spread offline, in the real world. This is where the preponderance of word-of-mouth, and of social influence, still takes place.” – Ed Keller (@kellerfay), How Influence Works


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