Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

Zachary Reiss-Davis“Don’t let yourself be deceived; your key influencers are already having conversations, whether or not you’ve begun a marketing initiative to interact with them.  However, engagement will fuel the fire behind their conversations, and allow you to generate more positive content about your products and your company.” – Zachary Reiss-Davis (@ZacharyRD), Listen To Customers, Engage With Influencers

Holly Hamann“While not the most essential metric, reach is certainly important to consider. However, marketers should resist the urge to only look at unique visitors as a measure of reach. Traffic and followers are only meaningful to the extent that the influencer is reaching your brand’s target audience.” – Holly Hamann (@HollyHamann), What Brands Should Look For In An Influencer 

Blair Currie copy“[I]t’s important for Brands to better understand the journey their consumers take to purchasing their products, services and solutions. The new findings in Behavioral economics, Marketing and Social Media show that real world (offline) and online influencers are more important parts of the decision making process. Accordingly brands must better understand this changing dynamic to fine tune their plans.” – Blair Currie (@BlairCurrie), Should brands spend even more time with influencers?

Nyerr Parham“Influence marketing may not flex the same immediacy as paid media, but with a little planning ahead, you can leverage influence in an integrated marketing campaign to increase awareness and engagement around your next product launch.” – Nyerr Parham (@nyerr), Leveraging Influence for Your Next Product Launch


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