Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

Evy Wilkins“Not to be considered billboards, influencers are beacons of trust, authenticity and knowledge in an ocean of social noise. To work with them requires engagement and creativity from you. Once you find your influencers, you will need a plan to engage them.” – Evy Wilkins (@mainwilk), Influencer Discovery: The Secret Sauce

Jennifer Beaupre“It is far too often that brands put together a “hit list” of influencers that they think would be a great fit for their marketing campaign. They seek out people who have a large following and can’t wait to ask them to advertise their brand…. The problem is that they have no relationship whatsoever with that influencer. Influencers care about their content and their readers, or they wouldn’t be influential.  If brands want to succeed with influencers, they have to first develop a relationship that is valuable for both sides.” – Jennifer Beaupre (@jenbeaupre), Why Brands Fail at Influencer Marketing

Dina Fierro“All of these algorithmic influencer marketing platforms are for lazy marketers. Good judgement will always beat an algorithm.” – Dina Fierro (@eye4style), via Twitter

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