Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

Sam Fiorella“Isn’t it about time we return the focus of influence marketing to the actual sales converted instead of message amplification? Focus on who and where the customer is instead of the influencer? When executed with the right strategy, influence marketing will — and should be — about customer acquisition.” – Sam Fiorella (@samfiorella), Influence Marketing vs. Sales Strategy

Danny Brown“There are bigger pictures and scenarios at play at every single touchpoint of a customer’s journey through an influence-led path, and the results of who actually influences their decision may surprise you…. Yet it’s these decisions that truly matter to a brand when it comes to influence marketing – because scores and amplification will only get you so far.” – Danny Brown (@dannybrown), The Fallacy of the Democratization of Influence

Samarth Shekhar“If you are a smaller firm with limited resources, and you are not focusing your marketing on influencers (like industry analysts, consultants, journalists and industry movers and shakers), you are playing dice with your marketing budget, and that’s simply not done!” – Samarth Shekhar, Ever Heard of “Influencer Selling”? (There is a reason why not!)


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  1. Hi guys, thanks so much for the double shout out here (Sam Fiorella too) – it’s great to see these kinds of conversations happening around influence, versus talking about how fast we can get above 60 on Klout… ;-)

    Have a great week!