Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

Craig Rennick“[T]the importance of audience measurement and data for influencer marketing is the same as that to television, radio or digital marketing. This data is key to matching the message, the product, service or brand, to the correct audience, in hopes of influencing consumer behavior within that audience.” – Craig Rennick (@craigrennick), The Importance of Influencer Audience Data in Outreach Campaigns

Sam Fiorella“If public scores were not available, the level of gamification and manipulation by enterprising individuals would decrease drastically and that cloud might be lifted from the industry.” – Sam Fiorella (@samfiorella), Kill Influence Scores; Improve Influence Marketing

Ovetta Sampson“There is no doubt that digital influence exists…. But the why’s, how’s and more importantly the “how can we replicate that lighting strike,” is more the future of social media marketing than the present. The jury is still out on that omnipotent, product pusher who commands millions of minions to buy in droves.” – Ovetta Sampson, Social Influence is a Myth and other Truisms

Philip Sheldrake“Typically, both [academic] citations and social media references are interpreted as influence having happened and therefore the individual having had more influence than otherwise, and therefore having more influence. It is unclear under which circumstances this assumption may be valid, or indeed on what basis we might assume influence decays or grows with the passing of time. The zenith of Vanilla Ice’s influence on the music scene is past, but the full impact of the Reverend Thomas Bayes’ mathematics (in machine learning) has only played out more than two centuries after his death.” – Philip Sheldrake (@Sheldrake), Setting the standards for influence


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