Influencer Marketing Review: An Update

For the past eighteen months our company has collated and edited the Influencer Marketing Review blog. It’s an aggregator of the best Influencer Marketing stories from around the web, deliberately not biased towards Influencer50’s own stories. We’ve been averaging 1500 discrete viewers each month.

But the truth is that the quality of relevant stories we can find to post over the past six months has declined. We just can’t find enough stories we think are sensible.

All we’re seeing are marketing agencies coming out with their own supposed ‘influencer marketing platforms’, agencies bragging about their own case studies (when most just turn out to be point-of-sale promotions) and yet other agencies bigging themselves up with how they’ve found the key to working with paid-for bloggers. None of this covers what we intended the Review to cover – honest stories of how real-world influencers are being engaged and of genuine developments in influencer thinking. We’re seeing a lot of followers and not a lot of leaders.

Of course one realization has been that almost no brands talk about their work with key influencers, it’s almost always from their agencies – so it loses any objectivity. And the Review was never set up to promote agency bubblegum. So for the time being we’re putting the Review on hold until we see more intelligent and worthwhile stories on the web.

And our personal take on real-world influencers will now be covered at