Your Klout Score Doesn’t Matter – It really doesn’t…

  This post from Dave Link seems pretty obvious to us .. but we guess it can’t be said often enough. Klout, PeerIndex, Kred and a few other social influence measurement platforms came on the marketing roughly 36 months ago. The goal of these platforms was lofty: measure the influence — and by that assumption, the value — of […]

Social Influence Tools – Confusing Influence & Awareness

Here’s a very honest and, to our minds, accurate assessment of the current ‘social influence’ tools. Respect to hardcore tweeter Sean Nicholson for writing it. Social media awareness continues to blossom among consumers and, along with it, the fascination with number of followers, friends, and connections. The sad part is that rather than focusing on […]

What is Influencer Marketing? article on CMSwire

This reposts a CMSwire article by Mark Fidelman on CMSwire.Digital Marketing is constantly evolving, trying to keep up with the needs and demands of a well-informed consumer base. One new approach, influencer marketing, is destined to take a leading role in how marketers turn potential buyers into customers. This is the view of Mark Fidelman, and […]

Macala Wright: Why Influencer Marketing is failing in Retail

For the past seven years, bloggers have become key elements in sparking critical conversations that can spread information in a rapid, “viral” fashion within the lifestyle, luxury, travel, and retail industries. However, the way in which we work with bloggers and influencers has gone terribly awry. The blurring of lines between earn and paid, lack […]

Nick Hayes: Working with Influencers, Part I (Video)

“There’s no prescription” – A brief video of Influencer50 Founder & Principal Nick Hayes discussing some fundamentals of influencer engagement.

Nick Hayes: Marketing Is Broken, Influencers Can Fix It (Video)

We’ve just come across an online posting of Nick’s 2009 talk at The Commonwealth Club of California, “Marketing Is Broken, Influencers Can Fix It.” Here’s the link! Influence Explained Archive

Duncan Brown: Why Don’t Companies Already Know Their Influencers? (Video)

Influencer50 Principal and MD Europe Duncan Brown explains why companies aren’t already aware of many of their influencers.

New White Paper from Influencer50: Are Your Customers Influenced Online, Offline or Both?

Our new white paper, ‘Are Your Customers Influenced Online, Offline or Both?’ is now available! To download it, go to White Papers on our LibraryPass page, select any of the listed papers, enter your info, then return to White Papers and download as many as you like. Here’s an excerpt: “In two previous White Papers we’ve […]

Duncan Brown: What is Influencer Marketing? (Video)

Duncan Brown, Europe Managing Director at Influencer50, explains the core concept of influencer marketing.