Influencer Marketing Review: An Update

For the past eighteen months our company has collated and edited the Influencer Marketing Review blog. It’s an aggregator of the best Influencer Marketing stories from around the web, deliberately not biased towards Influencer50’s own stories. We’ve been averaging 1500 discrete viewers each month. But the truth is that the quality of relevant stories we […]

Dianne Charton: How behavioural economics is turning traditional marketing inside out

To be truly successful in marketing and advertising, we need to understand human motivation and behaviour at a deep level so that we are more able to influence it. Yet the marketing industry has clung to the same frameworks for modelling the ways that people evaluate information and make decisions for decades. A new school […]

Nick Hayes: How has Influencer Marketing been hijacked by Social Media Vendors? – and how can it get back its link to Sales?

How did this happen? When we started our company in the field of Influencer Marketing our intention was to identify the real-world sales influencers – whether they made a noise about it or not. We wanted to better understand how sales were being made – and better understand what was standing in the way when […]

White Paper: Can You Be Influential To A Market And Still Remain Almost Exclusively Offline?: How are B2B decisions really being made these days?

‘Can You Be Influential To A Market And Still Remain Almost Exclusively Offline?: How are B2B decisions really being made these days? And is social media involved in the process?’  There’s a new White Paper from Influencer50 you may be interested in reading. Extract: Over the past year you might have read a lot about ‘social […]

CC Chapman: Is Your Influencer Marketing Failing Because It Is One Sided?

At Social Fresh West I spoke on the topic of how to successfully run influencer and advocate programs. It is a topic I know a lot about from years of running them for clients in my agency daysand from taking part in them from the other side of the coin quite often. While you have to attend a […]

The B2B Customer Decision Journey: The Route To Increased Sales

We’ve only just picked up on this Forbes article – it’s a few months old now but so good we couldn’t let it go. By Oskar Lingqvist, Candace Lun Plotkin, Jennifer Stanley of Mckinsey & Co. While B2B organizations have embraced the idea of customer-centricity, many have yet to adapt to the reality of customer […]

Social Influence Tools – Confusing Influence & Awareness

Here’s a very honest and, to our minds, accurate assessment of the current ‘social influence’ tools. Respect to hardcore tweeter Sean Nicholson for writing it. Social media awareness continues to blossom among consumers and, along with it, the fascination with number of followers, friends, and connections. The sad part is that rather than focusing on […]

Yes, Marketers, You Should Pay Your Influencers

By Teresa M. Caro A consumer advocate can be your brand’s best friend. They spend 13% more than the average buyer and refer business that equals 45% of the money they spend, according to Satmetrix. The rise of these brand influencers has spawned quite a bit of buzz in recent months for companies thinking this could enhance their […]

Why The Conversation Prism Misses the Boat on Influence

Recently, Altimeter analyst Brian Solis released the fourth iteration of the Conversation Prism, a visual representation of where the social web stands today. As part of this update the prism included influence, in a nod to how key this area of social media has become for today’s businesses, in both goals and tactics. Unfortunately, like many […]

Macala Wright: Contextual Analysis of Influencers is Key to Marketing Success

My last article on influencer marketing covered declining standards in influencer marketing.  Many readers were left asking, “How do we then create effective influencer marketing programs?” In order to be effective, communications professionals must first remember what influencer marketing is and isn’t: Influencer Marketing is the process of identifying, researching, engaging and supporting the people who create […]