Zachary Reiss Davis: Penny Arcade’s Influence on Tech products vs. Forrester Research

Your perpetually-connected customers are seeking information from a much broader range of sources than ever before. If you just work with the same traditional influencers you have for years — industry analysts and mainstream media — your message risks getting lost in a sea of noise.  Instead, leading marketers are identifying key online influencers for their products […]

Patricia O’Dell: How to Identify Influencers

Many in-house marketers and agency folks are not used to seeking out, developing and monitoring relationships with individuals that they hope to convert to steadfast, trustworthy and successful influencers with wide reach for their brands. With social media booming as an integral part of every marketing mix the rush to identify and groom these influencers […]

David Johnson: Why Relationships Matter and ROI Doesn’t

Don’t be turned off by the title of this post. There are some interesting points here on the importance of customer relations for sales and the difficulties of quantifying these relations in terms of ROI. Why Relationships Matter and ROI Doesn’t We live in a society that puts the dollar above the customer. That is, […]

Tim Grey: The Importance of Key Influencers

More than 40 years on from the Pentagon Papers, all eyes are still on the Washington Post. As ever, America’s foremost news-gathering organization can’t escape the glare of attention it has so unflinchingly shone on others over the years. But it’s not what you think. Rather than being at the centre of a Supreme Court […]

Caleb Gardner: An Influencer Approach to Stakeholder Engagement

Among the key insights that came out of Edelman’s 2012 Trust Barometer was a plan for how businesses can earn the license to lead, not just operate. In today’s environment, a focus on operative factors alone is not enough to win over a skeptical public. Companies have to broaden their vision and their language, taking on societal […]

Entrepreneur Magazine: Using Influencer Marketing, by Jason Stewart

It’s great to see Entrepreneur Magazine in South Africa covering the topic of Influencer Marketing. Here’s a thought-provoking post by Jason Stewart from a sociological point of view: How to tap into your customers to grow your brand. New trends, societal changes and major shifts in beliefs are all generated by various stimuli. Yet what remains consistent is that […]

IBM CMO study reveals challenging times

An interesting study reported on Chief marketing officers (CMOs) are aware of a permanent shift in the ways marketers interact with their customers but they question whether the industry is fully able to meet the new challenges, according to an in-depth survey of CMOs carried out by IBM. The study, which saw 1700 CMOs […]

Ari Osur: Avoid Relying Solely On “Canned” Scores For Influencer Targeting — But Don’t Write Them Off Either

Ari Osur of Forrester has just posted this on the Forrester site: Influencer marketing is on my mind these days. In addition to working on a report about how interactive marketers should collaborate with different resources to execute influencer marketing, I’m also speaking about the topic at Forrester’s Consumer Forum in Chicago later this month. Talking with marketers, […]

Evening Standard: The V.I.T has arrived – that’s the Very Influential Tweeter

An article from today’s The London Evening Standard newspaper. Not to be taken too seriously: The V.I.T has arrived – that’s the Very Influential Tweeter, by Mark Prigg, Science and Technology Editor The age of the Very Influential Twitterer – the VIT – has finally arrived. The capital’s top users are being rewarded with free gigs, […]