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Influencer Marketing Review: An Update

For the past eighteen months our company has collated and edited the Influencer Marketing Review blog. It’s an aggregator of the best Influencer Marketing stories from around the web, deliberately not biased towards Influencer50’s own stories. We’ve been averaging 1500 discrete viewers each month. But the truth is that the quality of relevant stories we […]

Nick Hayes: Where do marketing depts. get their steer from?

I’ve never understood why marketing depts. don’t put far more effort into understanding their company’s prospects and customers. I say ‘far more effort’, but in fact, most don’t put any effort into it. Many marketing depts. aren’t even allowed to go anywhere near their customers and prospects – the sales team like to very carefully […]

Dianne Charton: How behavioural economics is turning traditional marketing inside out

To be truly successful in marketing and advertising, we need to understand human motivation and behaviour at a deep level so that we are more able to influence it. Yet the marketing industry has clung to the same frameworks for modelling the ways that people evaluate information and make decisions for decades. A new school […]

John Owrid: The world of social media relies on self-importance as establishment recognition grows.

The one thing that social networks either don’t measure or don’t publish is obviously their sense of self-importance. Yet if such a metric existed it might tell us far more about the world of social media than we get from other published data. If that sounds like a snipe it isn’t intended to be. The […]

Marketing Influence Versus Marketing Strategy

By Vala Afshar, CMO, Enterasys Networks I recently had the great pleasure of speaking with two of the best and brightest enterprise thought leaders, and members of the Gillmor Gang, about marketing‘s executives Steve Gillmor, Head of Technical Media Strategy and John Taschek, VP of Strategy, agree that the role of influencer marketing (a term they […]

White Paper: Can You Be Influential To A Market And Still Remain Almost Exclusively Offline?: How are B2B decisions really being made these days?

‘Can You Be Influential To A Market And Still Remain Almost Exclusively Offline?: How are B2B decisions really being made these days? And is social media involved in the process?’  There’s a new White Paper from Influencer50 you may be interested in reading. Extract: Over the past year you might have read a lot about ‘social […]

Your Klout Score Doesn’t Matter – It really doesn’t…

  This post from Dave Link seems pretty obvious to us .. but we guess it can’t be said often enough. Klout, PeerIndex, Kred and a few other social influence measurement platforms came on the marketing roughly 36 months ago. The goal of these platforms was lofty: measure the influence — and by that assumption, the value — of […]

Danny Brown: Global Survey Shows Influence Marketing Seen as Lead Generation Tool, Not a Branding Exercise

Mention “influence marketing” today and it’s a good bet that the majority of people will think of social scoring platforms like Klout, Kred and PeerIndex. These early movers in the influence space have carved a niche for themselves and the brands they’re looking to work with, by attempting to provide data on who the most […]

Nick Hayes: Everyone uses Twitter for Marketing … but is anyone even claiming it helps Sales?

Recently we read a blog advocating the use of Twitter for small businesses. It said, “Is money the only gauge of your business’s success? Think about the value you can add to your brand by maintaining a rapport with your audience (increasing your brand awareness). Consider the use of Twitter as an exercise in public relations […]

Jack Neff: AdAge article – Coca-Cola Finds No Sales Lift from Online Chatter

Update: Coca-Cola’s Wendy Clark, a top marketing executive at the company, has joined the debate that followed publication of this report, arguing that the finding is true “in isolation” but that social media plays a “crucial role.” A Coca-Cola Co. study finds online buzz has no measurable impact on short-term sales, but online display ads work about as […]