Amanda Maksymiw: 3 Common Roadblocks to Influencer Marketing

By now, you know that influencer marketing is a great practice to build into your marketing mix. After all, influence marketing is nothing new; marketers have been targeting influential people and groups in order to effectively reach their target audiences for years.  But there are new components to influencer marketing, with the most important being change being […]

New OpenView Labs eBook: The Value of Influence

See the new eBook on Influencer Marketing, “The Value of Influence,” from OpenView’s Amanda Maksymiw. It’s free to download here at OpenView Labs. Here’s the description: Is your company harnessing the power of online influence? It’s no secret that influence plays a significant role in business. Entrepreneurs are often influenced by the mentors they’ve worked […]

OpenView Blog: How to Make Time for Influencer Marketing, by Amanda Maksymiw

Influencer marketing can be an effective strategy to help boost awareness about your product or service, drive traffic to your site, and ultimately shorten your sales cycle. An influencer marketing (or influence marketing) strategy targets few key individuals or groups of individuals who have influence over your target segment. Influencer marketing is an updated approach […]