Monty Munford: The Limits Of Social Influence? Big Ben Is Influential On… Drugs

The Limits Of Social Influence? Big Ben Is Influential On… Drugs Last week I found myself in a sports bar in London’s West End. I was standing next to a couple being interviewed by Middle Eastern TV news channel Al-Jazeera who were giving their (inane, alas) views on a football match between two teams from […]

Like Minds Panel Discussion: Trust and Social Influence, featuring Azeem Azhar

  Panel: Davide Casali – @Folletto – Dachis Group Azeem Azhar – @azeem – Peerindex Benjamin Ellis – @benjaminellis –  Social Optic Chris Arnold – @percollate – Percollate Joanne Jacobs – @joannejacobs –  1000heads Joanne: There’s a massive difference between influencers and celebrities. You shouldn’t try to make influencers behave like celebrities. Azeem: We all know what a celebrity is. What’s an influencer? Lots of people are influencers – […]

Augie Ray: PeerIndex, Influence and the “Magic Middle”: Insights from CEO Azeem Azhar

We like Azeem. A straight-talking guy who doesn’t pretend PeerIndex is something it’s not. Here’s a recent interview with him, covered by ‘Experience: The Blog: Social Experiences that Build Brands’: Influence is a term that is tossed around a lot in social media circles and is done so quite lightly. People pursue and grow their […]

Evening Standard: The V.I.T has arrived – that’s the Very Influential Tweeter

An article from today’s The London Evening Standard newspaper. Not to be taken too seriously: The V.I.T has arrived – that’s the Very Influential Tweeter, by Mark Prigg, Science and Technology Editor The age of the Very Influential Twitterer – the VIT – has finally arrived. The capital’s top users are being rewarded with free gigs, […]