Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“If your content and message are great, people will listen and share. Smaller influencers are also more likely to engage with brands and build a one to one connection.” – Amy Gaerlan (@amygaerlan), 5 Tips for Influencer Outreach “[B]est practices in influencer outreach are beginning to emerge, and a number of new tools are popping up […]

Paul Gillin: Trivializing influence

Trivializing influence The topic of online influence has suddenly become red hot as marketers have awakened to the reality that third-party validation by peers and experts is at least as important as marketing messages in customers’ decision-making. Not surprising, an important concept is quickly spiraling out of control. A number of free services with such […]

Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“The problem is, decision-making is really complex, and it’s difficult to pick out when and where influence happens. One thing’s for sure – it happens multiple times over multiple occasions. So you have to find all of the people that influence over the decision lifecycle. That’s one of the things that makes B2B influence different […]

Q&A with the Review: Influencer50’s Duncan Brown

This is the second interview in our new ‘Q&A with the Review’ series. We were fortunate to be able to start the series off with Amanda Maksymiw, and now we’ve managed to get some time with Duncan Brown, co-author of “Influencer Marketing: Who Really Influences Your Customers?” and Influencer50’s Managing Director for Europe.  IMR: Thanks […]

Where Are Your Company’s Influencers? It Depends on the Price Point

Crowdtap CEO Brandon Evans wrote a post on AdAge a little while ago titled “Why Influencer Marketing Isn’t About ‘Influencers’.” It’s a cogent, well-written post that you should definitely read if you haven’t already. He said there that “[m]ost consumers’ purchase decisions are not influenced by someone who tweets frequently or scores high on Klout, but […]

Michael Brenner: Will Content Marketing Destroy Social Media?

There was a recent exchange on twitter where a prominent, intelligent and well-respected analyst predicted that content marketing will destroy social media. I mean “Whoa!”…The power of content marketing! The suggestion was that content marketing will result in the rapid erosion of the sacred trust we all have in the established media. I certainly do not agree […]

Are B2B vendors really benefiting from their social media outreach?

It seems the word ‘Influencer’ is in vogue these days. I keep reading of the term, whether it’s about Twitter scores, teen influentials, presidential campaign ‘influencers’ or, as I concentrate on, business influencers. It’s not always been the case. Seven years ago when we started Influencer50, and three years ago when we published our book, […]