New eBook from OpenView Labs on Optimizing Marketing Channels

Our friends at the Boston VC firm OpenView Venture Partners have just released their latest eBook, “Discovery Channel: A Guide to Identifying and Prioritizing Optimal Marketing Channels.” It’s packed with great insights and features contributions from Ann Handley of Marketing Profs, Brandon Evans of Crowdtap, and Nick Hayes of Influencer50. Download your free copy here […]

Carolee Sherwood: Tortoise vs. Hare: An Influencer Marketing Case Study

Tortoise vs. Hare: An Influencer Marketing Case Study   You know the story. There’s a score to settle between the tortoise and the hare. The hare is haphazard and in a big hurry. The tortoise is methodical and willing to pace himself. If influencer marketing were a race, my money would be on the tortoise. Of course, […]

Where Are Your Company’s Influencers? It Depends on the Price Point

Crowdtap CEO Brandon Evans wrote a post on AdAge a little while ago titled “Why Influencer Marketing Isn’t About ‘Influencers’.” It’s a cogent, well-written post that you should definitely read if you haven’t already. He said there that “[m]ost consumers’ purchase decisions are not influenced by someone who tweets frequently or scores high on Klout, but […]

Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“People don’t necessarily understand that it takes time to identify the right influencers and build the relationship. It cannot be an afterthought or something “tacked on” to the overall strategy. My best tip would be to start small and only target a handful of influencers rather than setting your sights on building relationships with 100 […]

Brandon Evans: Why Influencer Marketing Isn’t About the ‘Influencers’

It may seem strange for us to share this post here given its title. But it raises some great points and questions about influencing consumer purchasing decisions in B2C (and only B2C) markets. And while we’ve always thought it highly misleading to deem or call people “influencers” based merely on their Klout scores, Brandon appears to […]