Patricia O’Dell: How to Identify Influencers

Many in-house marketers and agency folks are not used to seeking out, developing and monitoring relationships with individuals that they hope to convert to steadfast, trustworthy and successful influencers with wide reach for their brands. With social media booming as an integral part of every marketing mix the rush to identify and groom these influencers […]

Brandon Evans: Why Influencer Marketing Isn’t About the ‘Influencers’

It may seem strange for us to share this post here given its title. But it raises some great points and questions about influencing consumer purchasing decisions in B2C (and only B2C) markets. And while we’ve always thought it highly misleading to deem or call people “influencers” based merely on their Klout scores, Brandon appears to […]

Pirouz Nilforoush: Four Reasons Advertising As We Know it No Longer Works

Advice on how to influence audiences in an attention deficit world Engage Don’t Disrupt  In a world cluttered with information overload the best performing ads have quickly become those that enrich the user experience with relevant and useful information rather than interrupt or disrupt the consumer experience. As a result, the industry is re-evaluating the effectiveness of traditional […]