Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“Real influencers do not sway our decisions because of how high they score on a digital scale. They do because they make their stories relevant to us. Real influencers know that their success lies in the way they deliver their promises.” – Cendrine Marrouat (@cendrinemedia), The online influence trap… “We, the industry that makes a living […]

Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“If your content and message are great, people will listen and share. Smaller influencers are also more likely to engage with brands and build a one to one connection.” – Amy Gaerlan (@amygaerlan), 5 Tips for Influencer Outreach “[B]est practices in influencer outreach are beginning to emerge, and a number of new tools are popping up […]

Andrew Munro: Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing

Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing This is a great guide from OpenView Labs on how to do influencer marketing. Often painted as either a mysterious dark art or as a revolutionary new concept (or both together), in reality marketing to influencers has always been around.  In fact, the object of marketing is to reach those who […]

Q&A with the Review: OpenView’s Amanda Maksymiw

This is the first installment of our new ‘Q&A with the Review’ series in which we talk with prominent figures in the influencer marketing community about their work and their thoughts on influencer marketing today. We’re thrilled to be able to begin the series with Amanda Maksymiw from the Boston venture capital firm OpenView Venture […]

Pirouz Nilforoush: Four Reasons Advertising As We Know it No Longer Works

Advice on how to influence audiences in an attention deficit world Engage Don’t Disrupt  In a world cluttered with information overload the best performing ads have quickly become those that enrich the user experience with relevant and useful information rather than interrupt or disrupt the consumer experience. As a result, the industry is re-evaluating the effectiveness of traditional […]

Amanda Maksymiw: Don’t Worry: Content Marketing Can’t Kill Social Media

Last week Michael Brenner, Senior Director at SAP and founder of Business2Community, released the blog “Will Content Marketing Kill Social Media?”  If you haven’t read it yet, I encourage you to take the time to do so.  It is a well-written piece on how content marketing is changing the B2B marketing landscape.  There is a […]

Michael Brenner: Will Content Marketing Destroy Social Media?

There was a recent exchange on twitter where a prominent, intelligent and well-respected analyst predicted that content marketing will destroy social media. I mean “Whoa!”…The power of content marketing! The suggestion was that content marketing will result in the rapid erosion of the sacred trust we all have in the established media. I certainly do not agree […]