Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

Thanks to the influencer marketing community for putting out so much great content for us to quote from this last week! Here we go… (Click picture for author’s Twitter page.) “My hunch is that as the price point goes up, you’ll listen increasingly less to your tight-knit group and more to stranger-experts, people whom you don’t know personally […]

Where Are Your Company’s Influencers? It Depends on the Price Point

Crowdtap CEO Brandon Evans wrote a post on AdAge a little while ago titled “Why Influencer Marketing Isn’t About ‘Influencers’.” It’s a cogent, well-written post that you should definitely read if you haven’t already. He said there that “[m]ost consumers’ purchase decisions are not influenced by someone who tweets frequently or scores high on Klout, but […]

Reclaiming Influencer Marketing

An outside observer would have to think we in the business community are schizophrenic online when it comes to influencer marketing. Every week brings new tweets and blog posts about the benefits and how-to’s of influencer marketing, as well as new tweets and blog posts that assert it’s on its way out and scoff at […]

Has Influencer Marketing Tipped?

The term Influencer Marketing has not been in use for very long. It wasn’t until the mid-2000’s that business books with ‘influencer’ in the title began to appear, and the URL was first put to use only in 2007. Influencers, however, which I’ll use here to mean people who affect purchasing decisions, have been […]