Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“[T]he marketing industry has lost its clear guidelines as to influence and the people who wield it. With the narrowband publishing channels of magazines and television being steadily replaced by the broadband publishing environment [of the] internet, there are no longer a handy, limited group of influencers for marketeers to target.” – Adam Tinworth (@adders), […]

Elizabeth Hill: Step Away From the Influence Score

Step Away From the Influence Score This past week, I had an interesting exchange with a potential client around digital influence. Maybe they read our most recent post on Klout as our conversation really focused on how to correctly identify influencers and the role different social media tools should play. Now it certainly would help “get the word out” […]

J-P De Clerck: Social Influence and Scores: Asking the Right Questions

Social Influence and Scores: Asking the Right Questions   Social – or digital – influence is probably one of the most debated topics in social media today. Unfortunately, it is frequently a debate about scores. Whether we like it or not, companies such as Klout and PeerIndex grant us a score that claims to be […]

Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“Only then, after knowing what you want and what they want, start looking at ways to engage them. Never start with the score and don’t confuse it with influence. Be relevant and valuable first and understand a person is more than a score. Obviously, technologies will improve but, still, human behavior is too amazingly beautiful […]