Zachary Reiss Davis: Penny Arcade’s Influence on Tech products vs. Forrester Research

Your perpetually-connected customers are seeking information from a much broader range of sources than ever before. If you just work with the same traditional influencers you have for years — industry analysts and mainstream media — your message risks getting lost in a sea of noise.  Instead, leading marketers are identifying key online influencers for their products […]

Ari Osur: Avoid Relying Solely On “Canned” Scores For Influencer Targeting — But Don’t Write Them Off Either

Ari Osur of Forrester has just posted this on the Forrester site: Influencer marketing is on my mind these days. In addition to working on a report about how interactive marketers should collaborate with different resources to execute influencer marketing, I’m also speaking about the topic at Forrester’s Consumer Forum in Chicago later this month. Talking with marketers, […]