Nick Hayes: Working with Influencers, Part 2 (Video)

Here’s the link to the long-overdue second half of ‘Working with Influencers’. Just a couple of minutes long. Related articles Nick Hayes: How has Influencer Marketing been hijacked by Social Media Vendors? – and how can it get back its link to Sales? (

Nick Hayes: How has Influencer Marketing been hijacked by Social Media Vendors? – and how can it get back its link to Sales?

How did this happen? When we started our company in the field of Influencer Marketing our intention was to identify the real-world sales influencers – whether they made a noise about it or not. We wanted to better understand how sales were being made – and better understand what was standing in the way when […]

5 Takeaways from the WOMMA Influencer Guidebook

Raise your hand if you have ever launched, considered, or recommended some sort of an Influencer Marketing program? Now, how many of you where just winging it when you launched the program (Ask yourself this question again after you read the new WOMMA Influencer Guidebook and see if your answer changed)? The 2013 WOMMA Influencer Guidebook is […]

Three Ways You Should Be Using Influencers, But Probably Aren’t

In recent years, the emphasis in social and digital marketing has been on paid media. By and large, brands are concerned with determining the budgets necessary to meet their goals and hit their KPIs. In 2013, I predict that we’ll see a shift toward earned media as the more likeable brands continue to look for […]

Drew Neisser: 10 rules of Influencer Marketing – and why you should commit to them

By Drew Neisser. Though perhaps as old as the notion of marriage itself, influencer marketing is suddenly getting showered with fresh attention from brands, agencies, and service providers alike. Having talked to authorities from all three in preparation for this piece (and an upcoming panel discussion on the topic), I can offer you these 10 laws (more […]

Dave Hawley: Is influence dead?

Dumb title but quite an interesting personal take on Influence from Dave Hawley’s blog. There’s been a lot of talk about social media influence and its role in the new consumer decision journey. Big brands are not only buying into the concept of leveraging people with influence, but are serious money. From Polaroid actually hiring Lady […]

Jenna Dobkin: 4 Steps to Executing a Successful Influencer-Driven, Word-Of-Mouth Campaign

By Jenna Dobkin. Influencer marketing — leveraging relationships with advocates and influencers to help share your brand’s message — is poised for explosive growth. Are you ready? A Zuberance survey of consumers’ online behavior found that 90 percent trust a recommendation from the people they know while just 24 percent trust online ads. Plus, influencer […]

Macala Wright: Contextual Analysis of Influencers is Key to Marketing Success

My last article on influencer marketing covered declining standards in influencer marketing.  Many readers were left asking, “How do we then create effective influencer marketing programs?” In order to be effective, communications professionals must first remember what influencer marketing is and isn’t: Influencer Marketing is the process of identifying, researching, engaging and supporting the people who create […]

Nick Hayes: Everyone uses Twitter for Marketing … but is anyone even claiming it helps Sales?

Recently we read a blog advocating the use of Twitter for small businesses. It said, “Is money the only gauge of your business’s success? Think about the value you can add to your brand by maintaining a rapport with your audience (increasing your brand awareness). Consider the use of Twitter as an exercise in public relations […]

Nick Hayes: The Hype To Uncover Social Media Influencers – should you care?

This is the second of three instalments of Nick Hayes’ White Paper – ‘The Hype To Uncover Social Media Influencers – should you care?’ Influence has to generate an effect – otherwise the initial action wasn’t influential! So what ‘effect’ do social media influence measurement companies purport to measure? These companies tend to have no […]