Krista Bunskoek: Influence Marketing: How to Find Your Industry Leaders

Though this only covers the increasingly fashionable space of ‘social influencers’ if that’s what you want then this does have some useful pointers. Krista Bunskoek of Wishpond: Do you know how to use Influence Marketing to drive traffic to your blog, and increase your social ranking? Do you even know how to find your market […]

Chuck Kent: Why Citizen Kane Would Never Make It As A Citizen Influencer

Citizen +K: The Rise of Social Influence A review of ROI: Return on Influence, by Mark W. Schaefer Orson Welles’ classic movie Citizen Kane tells of a once neglected and discarded child who grows to great influence as a king of content, but who fails to find lasting happiness.  Reading Mark Schaefer’s description of Citizen Influencers in his book ROI: Return […]

Danny Brown: Social Influencers Are Dead – Long Live the Instigators

Social Influencers Are Dead – Long Live the Instigators Social influence. The need to prove how wonderful you must be to get such a high Klout score. The golden nugget for brands looking to tell their story to the masses. Yep, social influence – and, by association, social influencers – is a hot potato and […]

Jure Klepic: Paradox of Online Influence

Paradox of Online Influence I spend my time analyzing the world of social media influence and helping clients use it effectively to achieve their marketing and communications goals. I’ve noticed that a hotly-debated topic in the digital world is online influence. A huge myth is forming which says that online popularity equals online influence. Based […]

Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

There must have been something in the water this week. From new posts by Amanda Maksymiw, Philip Sheldrake, Mark Schaefer, and John Eaton, to Crowdtap’s white paper on peer influence and hot infographic, to Q&A’s with Ed Keller and Pierre-Loïc Assayag, to FIR Live’s great video panel on influencer marketing (the list goes on), it was an […]

Mark Schaefer: Klout scores feed a social media sickness

Klout scores feed a social media sickness A couple of weeks ago, I was the keynote speaker before a jammed conference room of 300 people and here is how I was introduced: “I’d like you to welcome our special guest Mark Schaefer, who has over 40,000 followers on Twitter and a Klout score of 71!” […]

Elizabeth Hill: Step Away From the Influence Score

Step Away From the Influence Score This past week, I had an interesting exchange with a potential client around digital influence. Maybe they read our most recent post on Klout as our conversation really focused on how to correctly identify influencers and the role different social media tools should play. Now it certainly would help “get the word out” […]

Steve Goldner: A Real Look at Social Media Influence

A Real Look at Social Media Influence We talk about influence as if it is something new. Actually the definition has not changed in the past 1000 years or so, but tactics for influence engagement certainly have changed due to the digital revolution. And while many might consider my use of the term “digital revolution” […]

Philip Beeching: Engage first, influence second

 Engage first, influence second I have previously blogged about the appearance of a new type of company such as Klout, Peer Index, ProSkore, Kred, and many others, which are seeking to give people a score based on their social influence on the web and help brands connect with the right influencer. In a society obsessed with measurement I believe there are […]

Paul Gillin: Trivializing influence

Trivializing influence The topic of online influence has suddenly become red hot as marketers have awakened to the reality that third-party validation by peers and experts is at least as important as marketing messages in customers’ decision-making. Not surprising, an important concept is quickly spiraling out of control. A number of free services with such […]