Dave Hawley: Is influence dead?

Dumb title but quite an interesting personal take on Influence from Dave Hawley’s blog. There’s been a lot of talk about social media influence and its role in the new consumer decision journey. Big brands are not only buying into the concept of leveraging people with influence, but are serious money. From Polaroid actually hiring Lady […]

Rebecca Mahony: Six Key Steps to Freshening Up Your Influencer Marketing Efforts

Jason Keath, a social media speaker and consultant, first bought the domain name SocialFresh.comin 2008, as he began to plan the first Social Fresh Conference in Charlotte NC. Originally, he wanted to Fresh Social, but the name was taken. In retrospect, he thinks that was probably a good thing. Jason began in the agency world as a creative person […]

Patricia O’Dell: How to Identify Influencers

Many in-house marketers and agency folks are not used to seeking out, developing and monitoring relationships with individuals that they hope to convert to steadfast, trustworthy and successful influencers with wide reach for their brands. With social media booming as an integral part of every marketing mix the rush to identify and groom these influencers […]

Russ Martin: SXSW – The Dangers of Influencer Marketing

While there are some willing to give influence ratings like Klout and Kred time to evolve, members of SXSW’s “The Secret Dangers of Online Influence Marketing” panel seriously challenged these online tools’ effectiveness. Some went as far as suggesting marketers drop their use altogether. “Klout and Kred don’t work. They never did and they never […]