The B2B Customer Decision Journey: The Route To Increased Sales

We’ve only just picked up on this Forbes article – it’s a few months old now but so good we couldn’t let it go. By Oskar Lingqvist, Candace Lun Plotkin, Jennifer Stanley of Mckinsey & Co. While B2B organizations have embraced the idea of customer-centricity, many have yet to adapt to the reality of customer […]

Nick Hayes: Everyone uses Twitter for Marketing … but is anyone even claiming it helps Sales?

Recently we read a blog advocating the use of Twitter for small businesses. It said, “Is money the only gauge of your business’s success? Think about the value you can add to your brand by maintaining a rapport with your audience (increasing your brand awareness). Consider the use of Twitter as an exercise in public relations […]

Q&A with the Review: OpenView’s Amanda Maksymiw

This is the first installment of our new ‘Q&A with the Review’ series in which we talk with prominent figures in the influencer marketing community about their work and their thoughts on influencer marketing today. We’re thrilled to be able to begin the series with Amanda Maksymiw from the Boston venture capital firm OpenView Venture […]