Krista Bunskoek: Influence Marketing: How to Find Your Industry Leaders

Though this only covers the increasingly fashionable space of ‘social influencers’ if that’s what you want then this does have some useful pointers. Krista Bunskoek of Wishpond: Do you know how to use Influence Marketing to drive traffic to your blog, and increase your social ranking? Do you even know how to find your market […]

Dianne Charton: How behavioural economics is turning traditional marketing inside out

To be truly successful in marketing and advertising, we need to understand human motivation and behaviour at a deep level so that we are more able to influence it. Yet the marketing industry has clung to the same frameworks for modelling the ways that people evaluate information and make decisions for decades. A new school […]

Your Klout Score Doesn’t Matter – It really doesn’t…

  This post from Dave Link seems pretty obvious to us .. but we guess it can’t be said often enough. Klout, PeerIndex, Kred and a few other social influence measurement platforms came on the marketing roughly 36 months ago. The goal of these platforms was lofty: measure the influence — and by that assumption, the value — of […]

Danny Brown: Global Survey Shows Influence Marketing Seen as Lead Generation Tool, Not a Branding Exercise

Mention “influence marketing” today and it’s a good bet that the majority of people will think of social scoring platforms like Klout, Kred and PeerIndex. These early movers in the influence space have carved a niche for themselves and the brands they’re looking to work with, by attempting to provide data on who the most […]

Russ Martin: SXSW – The Dangers of Influencer Marketing

While there are some willing to give influence ratings like Klout and Kred time to evolve, members of SXSW’s “The Secret Dangers of Online Influence Marketing” panel seriously challenged these online tools’ effectiveness. Some went as far as suggesting marketers drop their use altogether. “Klout and Kred don’t work. They never did and they never […]

Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“[T]the importance of audience measurement and data for influencer marketing is the same as that to television, radio or digital marketing. This data is key to matching the message, the product, service or brand, to the correct audience, in hopes of influencing consumer behavior within that audience.” – Craig Rennick (@craigrennick), The Importance of Influencer […]

Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“Brands that think aggregating influencers is as low effort as shipping a box of freebies to ten or so bloggers and waiting for the positive articles to roll in will be in for a bit of a shock.” – Ryan Joe (@threefirstnames), Influencing the influencers “The key to engaging with any new influencer or branching […]

Sam Fiorella: Where Culture Derails Social Influence Marketing

Where Culture Derails Social Influence Marketing   During her 2005 tour of Japan, world-wide music superstar Madonna publicly praised Japan’s “Washlet,” an “intelligent” toilet that provides – among other features – posterior-cleaning water jets, hot air dry function, ambient background music and odour-masking technology. “I’ve missed the heated toilet seats,” the pop-diva promoted upon leaving […]

Jacques Warren: Social Media Influencer – State of a Concept

Social Media Influencer – State of a Concept Following my review of two important books in Social Media analytics in the first issue, I wanted to take more time to discuss the concept of influencer, one idea that certainly is at the center of Social Media Marketing. Why? Well, simply because marketers believe they can reap benefits through […]

Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“To truly mature the social influence – and, by association, the influencer – market, we need to remember how many aspects there were to Dale Carnegie’s seminal book and how they all had to be aligned to work their magic.” – Danny Brown (@DannyBrown), Social Influence and the Shift of the Carnegie Principle “Why not […]