Danny Brown: Social Influence and The Marketer’s Dilemma

Social Influence and The Marketer’s Dilemma Just 20 short years ago, marketing was pretty easy. You got your budget, you allocated it to the media buy (TV, print, radio, direct), and away you went. If you were conscientious, you’d collect results and give them to your clients. If you weren’t, you’d correlate any increased foot […]

Jacques Warren: Social Media Influencer – State of a Concept

Social Media Influencer – State of a Concept Following my review of two important books in Social Media analytics in the first issue, I wanted to take more time to discuss the concept of influencer, one idea that certainly is at the center of Social Media Marketing. Why? Well, simply because marketers believe they can reap benefits through […]

Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“Influence marketing is a valuable method of indirectly reaching target audiences directly. That’s not a typo: Influence marketing works by speaking to an individual, group of individuals or a type of individual that has sway in a niche or market, instead of trying to directly appeal to the whole.” – Chris Pilbeam (@chrispilbeam), Four Tips […]

Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“Don’t rush the observation step. Take time to understand the influencer. Rushing will usually result in missing the important subtle things that are most important! This can take a week or a month, depending on the person. Take your time…” – Robert Caruso (@fondalo), Building Social Media Relationships With Influencers “I see a lot of […]

Robert Caruso: Building Social Media Relationships With Influencers

Building Social Media Relationships With Influencers A frequent question I get from my connections in the social graph is “How do I build a relationship with an influencer for my brand/product”. Though it is a common question, the answer isn’t as common. Since I sincerely believe that social media marketing is a parallel universe to the real world, […]

Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“Before Facebook and Twitter, PR flacks often pointed to ad values based on column inches or circulation numbers of potential readers or viewers. The shift to online content provides more exact determination of how many people were exposed to content such as page views, but that still isn’t what matters. “Communication has always been and continues to […]

Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“If your content and message are great, people will listen and share. Smaller influencers are also more likely to engage with brands and build a one to one connection.” – Amy Gaerlan (@amygaerlan), 5 Tips for Influencer Outreach “[B]est practices in influencer outreach are beginning to emerge, and a number of new tools are popping up […]

Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“[T]he marketing industry has lost its clear guidelines as to influence and the people who wield it. With the narrowband publishing channels of magazines and television being steadily replaced by the broadband publishing environment [of the] internet, there are no longer a handy, limited group of influencers for marketeers to target.” – Adam Tinworth (@adders), […]

Danny Brown: Social Influencers Are Dead – Long Live the Instigators

Social Influencers Are Dead – Long Live the Instigators Social influence. The need to prove how wonderful you must be to get such a high Klout score. The golden nugget for brands looking to tell their story to the masses. Yep, social influence – and, by association, social influencers – is a hot potato and […]

Zach Cole: Rethinking Social Influencer Programs

Rethinking Social Influencer Programs Let’s face it, there are certain people out there who have a knack for getting others to listen up and pay attention. This is not only a valuable trait offline, but also an especially useful one online, where messages and updates circulate through social channels at tremendous speeds. We tend to call […]